"Everything you'll ever need to know is within you. The secrets of the universe are written on the cells of your body." -Dan Millman

What's A Good Exercise Plan?
There's so much information and most of it is conflicting and contradictory! It’s hard to know what to do! If you feel that way, you are not alone.  But it’s not that complicated!

It's so confusing because everything works! For some body. At some time. The best approach depends on you: your mind, body, history, preferences, goals - your life. But as soon as you start exercising, it changes! It's hard to stay one step ahead. But that's why it's fun!

A good exercise plan changes as you do. Success is not really about the specific exercises you do, but how you use them. The basic principles of body transformation apply to every human on earth. These are the “rules” of the game, they don't change, they are actually very simple and somewhere deep inside, you already know what they are!

It's hard to imagine when you first start exercising how good it feels to be strong and connected to your body and how satisfying it is to discover your hidden talents. They're in there!

Connecting The Dots
All true learning is “self training.” It’s a process where you draw the lines between what you know and what you’ve just discovered you already know! It happens when you connect with information; hear it, see it, feel it—experience it; then it becomes real for you.

Our "Learn To Workout" courses provide practical solutions, specific skills, proven strategies and the “why” behind the “how,” broken it down into easy-to-understand lessons. IST methods are designed to help you connect with the “rules” so you can guide yourself as you grow and change. You will learn to to exploit the “rules” to accomplish your goals. The magic of mind and muscle working together has the power to transform.

For success that sticks with you, you need to own your workout—the skill, the knowledge and the simple pleasure of discovering your unexplored abilities.
Your workout is simply a platform to connect with the power you already have inside. Take on the challenge to change your body, and chances are, the rest of you will change too.

The Story Behind Inspirit Self Training