"Find Your Edge"
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The Story Behind Inspirit Self Training

"The two important things I did learn were you are as strong and powerful as you allow yourself to be, and that the most difficult part of any endeavor is taking the first step, making the first decision." - Robyn Davidson

A Lifelong Fatty
Robyn Davidson is an Australian woman who at the age of 28 took off alone on a cross-continent adventure with four camels and a dog. Gutsy lady!

My name is Brenda and I'm not that daring, but I did start my own little adventure about seven years ago. I took
2, 5, and 8-lb dumbbells and an exercise book into my bedroom and closed the door. Just for the fun of seeing what would happen, I decided to try some weightlifting exercises. It was just an experiment. I weighed about 300 pounds, I was 42 years old, and after a lifetime of diligently sedentary behavior, I suspected I might just keel over and have a heart attack! It didn't turn out that way, and nobody is more surprised by it than I am! Instead, I learned "you are as strong and as powerful as you allow yourself to be."

I've been fat my whole life, so when my body started changing friends and coworkers wanted to know, “How are you doing this?”  Short answers like “eat less, exercise more” weren’t very helpful. It wasn’t one thing—it was a snowball, picking up everything in its path after it started rolling. And who knew it would be so much fun!

I went from total inactivity, hating exercise and refusal to change my eating habits to burning over a half million extra fat calories. I transformed my metabolism, my body and my way of looking at things so I can live the way I want to. I didn’t follow any diets or traditional weight loss advice. I didn’t set time-based goals or rigid plans. I broke every “rule” in the exercise book. And it was really so much more enjoyable than I ever imagined it could be.

A Little Knowledge and A Good Plan
Any reasonably healthy person can lose the fat. Past failures are irrelevant, no experience needed, and it doesn’t matter how fat you are—just some knowledge and to give yourself a chance.

When I meet frustrated people I want to say “Don’t give up! You can do it!” I see big hearts, full of courage, willing to do the work, but something’s missing—a little knowledge and a good planthings you can’t explain in a 10 minute conversation!

When I tried to tell them where to get this information I realized it was spread out over so many different sources you’d have to be pretty ambitious to pull it all together. Personally, I’m a compulsive researcher and I love to discover things, but it takes years to accumulate this knowledge and lots of experimentation before it resonates. It’s not complex, just hard to find what you need in one place! I knew if they could just get started, they’d be hooked. So I decided to write it down; all the secrets, tips and tricks.

New Solutions
To write my book I spent more than two years researching the "why" behind the "how." Just because something worked for me was no reason to say it will work for you! I wanted to know why things worked the way they did. Besides more than 2000 hours delving into the science, I talked to hundreds of people. I met them at the gym, at the grocery store, at the car dealer, everywhere!  And I found people earnestly looking for answers.

In the process I became certified as a personal trainer. Traditional personal training programs are an ideal solution for some people and special situations, but for most of us the inherent problems are obvious:  

  1. First, it costs too much for most people.

  2. Second, too often I heard “when I had a trainer I did really great, but I couldn’t keep paying a trainer and now I’m right back where I started.”  I found many people think the role of a trainer is to “make” them workout out, but long-lasting change is created from inside.

  3. You need to "own" your workout and find the fun in it. Discovering your personal power can be quite motivating. Too often, clients give their power to the trainer, so they never get a chance to experience it! They are missing out on the best part! You can’t give the keys to your success to someone else—you’re the one who’s driving the car!

  4. Traditional training approaches waste too much time. In an hour session it’s hard to get a great workout and learn the principles behind it. It takes a long time to accumulate progress on both fronts. Then, when you meet with someone two or three times a week, it doesn’t take long before the relationship is something more; soon you’re swapping stories about your lives; the kids, the boyfriend, the job—and it’s crowding out productive workout time. It’s human nature. I’ve met people who paid trainers for years, and still have no idea what they're doing!

  5. But many people told me “I don’t want to read it from a book, I want you to show me.”  True, it’s a lot easier and faster that way.  And some people need a jump-start on the exercise habit, a little help to get in the groove.

The Inspirit Difference

Inspirit Self Training takes on those problems. My goal was to make good information and life-changing skills affordable and accessible to more people, to provide practical, usable solutions to common problems, and to teach it in a way that empowers self-determination. And it’s time-bounded with solid deliverables.  That’s the IST difference.

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