For New Registrants

What to Wear and What to Bring
  • Be sure to wear comfortable clothes suitable for exercise and supportive athletic shoes.
  • If you have a heart rate monitor you should wear it. (If you don't have one, we'll have loaners available during class.)
  • Bring reading glasses if you need them
  • A water bottle is nice to have. 

Class Times
Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first session to handle paperwork. Please be on time for your sessions.  

Working Out At Home
If you plan to do your strength training workout at home, you may be concerned about equipment.

  • The only thing you must have is one set of light weight dumbbells, but the workout will be more enjoyable if you have three sets.

  • For those new to strength training, we recommend 2-3 lb, 5 lb, and 8 lb dumbbells for women and 8lb, 10lb, and 15lb dumbbells for men.

  • It's best if they are three separate sets versus one set with changeable weights, unless they are especially designed to for a "quick change."

  • Though not essential, one of the following is also recommended:
    Stability Ball or Step platform or Incline/Decline bench

All of the details will be covered during our sessions.

Pay Online for Course Registration
After you have completed the registration process and selected your class dates and times, pay for your course to reserve your space in the class. You may pay with cash, check or credit card. If you want to pay using a credit card, please click here to select your course and make a payment through Paypal. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Pre-Participation Forms--click the PDF icon to open the form

Note: The links below will open PDF documents. You will need Adobe Reader on your computer to view them. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer and would like to download it, click on the button below.

Registration Information and History Interview
Must be completed and returned prior to participation.
Please complete this form as completely as you can and email or fax back completed forms. Prior to our first session, we will talk through your exercise history. If you'd like to fill it out using Word so you can email it back, you can open the Word version below. When you click on it a dialog box pops up. Select "save" then save it in your documents on your PC. After the file is downloaded, click "Close" to continue on this website. Later, open the file in Word and fill in the form fields, then email it to

Word version

Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire (PAR-Q)
Must be signed prior to participation.
Please review, answer and sign this form. This form may be faxed in or you may bring with you to the first class.

Medical Clearance Form
Required if you answer "yes" to any questions on the PAR-Q form.
Please ask your doctor to complete and return this form prior to registration for the Fast Fx course if you answered "yes" to any of the PAR-Q questions. After you open it you can save the file to your hard drive and email it to your doctor or ask the doctor to get the form from this website.

ACSM Risk Screening for Cardiovascular Disease
For your reference.
Review these questions to help you determine if you should see the doctor prior to beginning an exercise program.