Fast Fx Strength Training
Two hours each week, eight weeks (16 hours)

It's strength training for the rest of us. You don’t have to be an athlete, bodybuilder or pop star to get extraordinary results. This comprehensive strengthening program will grow muscles, strength, burn fat and improve your fitness all at the same time! You’ll safely learn all the basic exercises, the foundation of your strength-training plan.

Based on the pioneering work of Romanian strength coach Istvan “Steve” Javorek nearly 40 years ago, this little-known method of strength training was first used by Olympic athletes. Today it’s a secret of strength and conditioning coaches throughout the country for building balanced integrated strength and turning on hormonal responses. Fast Fx uses the same principles, but instead of risky and complex Olympic lifts we use exercises you can safely and easily learn. We’ll put them together in a very specific way to turn on the body’s natural fat-fighting muscle-building hormones.

This method is ideal for those new to strength training because the weights are lighter than the most you could lift. You can safely learn basic strength exercises and even while you are learning you will still see motivating results.

If you have strength training experience but progress is stalled, you’ll love this! This is a great way to kick-start progress. With Fast Fx muscle growth takes off! If you’d like to get more mileage from your current exercises, work on your form and discover some new ones, this is for you.

We’ll cover nine muscle groups: biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, legs, glutes, calves and abdominals. During our sessions we’ll perform each exercise together more than 120 times! Add that to your weekly “homework” practice, and you’re going to know them up one side and down the other! Then you’ll put it all together and walk away with a workout plan you know how to do, whether you want to work out at home or a gym. Most importantly, you’ll know why your plan makes sense and how to refine it as you progress according to your body’s response, your goals, time availability and the way you like to do things.

You’ll gain powerful insights to help you get the most from exercise: how your body burns fat, what makes muscles grow, best practices for before, during and after your workout, how to monitor your workout, know when and how to change it, avoid common pitfalls and solve problems.

You’ll learn to use a heart rate monitor; loaners are available during class if you don’t have one. Learn techniques to accelerate progress so you'll stay motivated and how to make exercise so much fun you can't wait for your next workout! We’ll also talk about the best use of home and gym equipment and how to set up a low cost “home gym.”

More Affordable and Time Efficient

Strength training is a skill, and mastery requires knowledge and practice. Many people turn to personal trainers for help, but it can be expensive! Three times a week with a talented trainer can cost more than $1000 per month! And you probably want the most talented trainer you can find! In the typical 50-60 minute personal training session, it’s nearly impossible to learn the underlying principles and get a great workout at the same time. And with our busy lives, most of us need flexibility in our workout schedule to deal with life’s surprises.

Here's How We Do It
  • We meet once each week for two hours, for 8 weeks.

  • Training is provided in small groups.  The trainer to student ratio is not less than 1 to 3, or greater than 1 to 5.

  • In a supportive private setting, you’ll learn more than 40 basic strength exercises and how to use them to achieve your goals. New principles, strategies and exercises for each muscle group are introduced each week. You'll quickly learn the exercises with the support of your trainer.

  • Guided by easy-to-use photo-illustrated workout guides, you’ll perform the workout again on your own before the next weekly session.

  • Each week we repeat exercises from the prior week together and introduce new ones until your workout plan is complete.

If you already know and use basic strength exercises or need a lower cost solution, you may benefit from a less intenstive approach. With just a one or two visit consultation, you can learn to get your workout on track.

It Works Better!

Costs are lower, but it’s more effective. Mastery of any skill is seldom achieved with someone looking over your shoulder. Learning is a personal process, where we make mistakes and self-correct. Independence deepens understanding, speeds learning, builds the exercise habit and is important to the personal satisfaction you need to stay motivated.

What We Cover

  • Strength training basics; foundational exercises for a lifetime—more than 40 exercises are trained during the sessions; by the time we’re finished, you’ll know more than 90% of the people that regularly train at a gym!
  • Included reference guide provides more than 70 photo-illustrated exercises with detailed free-weight exercise descriptions, alternatives, options and variations, plus Take-Out Workout Guides to speed up learning the workout.
  • A workout plan you’ll put into action—you’ll know exactly what to do
  • Strength training principles – the “why” to go with the “how”
  • Keep your strength training workout under 45 minutes --and still get fabulous results
  • Combine the benefits of cardiovascular exercise with the benefits of strength training to get the most bang for your exercise buck
  • Skills you can use to exercise at home, on the road, or at any gym -- anywhere, anytime
  • Practical ways to create a “home gym ”— you don’t need much! Get up and running for the cost of dumbbells!
  • Why exercise seems so hard at first, and why it feels so good it’s addictive when you “get to the other side”
  • The real “secret” to awesome abs
  • Why a stability ball is the best ab device ever if you know how to use it
  • The 12-minute solution – what to do when you are pressed for time
  • The Power of Muscle – why muscles are your best friend and how to use your personal style to tap into the power
  • “Cheat the System” – maximum fat burning for every effort
  • “Beat The System” – out pace your circulatory system to achieve maximum results
  • The one thing that separates drudgery from fun -- have a good time!
  • How to shrink tummy fat fast
  • The exercise method that virtually eliminates waiting for equipment at the gym
  • Habits: The blessing and the curse—outwit the little voice that tries to talk you out of your workout to get on track with the exercise habit
  • The “Lazy Fatty Advantage” – if that’s you, you’ve got a jump on everyone else!
  • An approach to training that grows with you
  • Why your exercise intensity varies from day to day, and why that’s a good thing
  • Why your personality, lifestyle and exercise history couldn’t be more perfect; the simple shift in thinking to enjoy the journey
  • The “Secret Weapon” – use your body’s natural rhythm, the magic of flow and the pleasure of synchronicity to make exercise joyful
  • Debunk common myths, why your body likes to burn fat, and why you don’t want to during exercise
  • Seven Secrets of Fat-Burning Exercise
  • How to turn on the hormones that force your body to burn more fat 24 hours a day
  • When too much exercise is worse than not enough
  • Understand the one message you must send to your muscles to make them grow
  • Why lifting the heaviest weight possible isn’t necessary, how to use light weights, protect your joints, and still see incredible results!
  • How your body tells you which exercises burn the most fat
  • Demystify the mystique – why you should never be intimidated at the gym
  • The best use of gym strength machines; which ones deliver results and which ones are a waste of time
  • Before, during and after -- sort out the science of pre and post exercise nutrition, the best time to exercise, muscle recovery, warm ups and stretching
  • The Great Protein Debate – understand the issues and decide for yourself
  • The simple way your body tells you when you are working too hard
  • Get on the fast track – how to achieve the fastest results if you’re serious about it
  • Never plateau --what to do when “exercise stops working”
  • The key variables -- use your basic skills to triple the results
  • The optical illusion that makes fat look good
  • Stay on track with your exercise program; dealing with muscle soreness, understand “good pain, bad pain,” avoiding common injuries and other things that get in the way
  • The importance of balance in everything you do
  • Growing as an “Intuitive Exerciser”

Extras Included...
Written reference materials, handouts and worksheets are included in course fees. Participants receive 90 days of unlimited email consultation. Also includes a $35 discount off the cost of one private training session or consultation.

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