Be Flexible and Get the Most From Your Cardio
One week, one two-hour session

Be Flexible!

This class includes a rudimentary introduction to flexibility training (we could do another eight-week series on stretching alone!) and how to fit it into your workout plans. We will cover the most common problem areas (shoulder rotators, elbow tendonitis, hip and back stiffness) as well as basic stretches for all joints/muscle groups. You'll learn how to create your own stretches to hit your trouble spots.

If you are new to strength training, moving to the different positions for strength exercises has the added benefit of improved overall flexibility. After a while, you will probably find your posture improves and old aches and pains just disappear! After performing strength exercises for a while (several months or several years, depending on your body and your program), you may develop some tightness as particular muscles shorten. Knowing how to stretch them out will make you feel much better. This class teaches basic stretches for all muscles groups and the underlying concepts of flexibility training. Learning to stretch is a valuable tool, but maybe you only need to know one thing: it feels good!

Get the Most From Your Cardio
It goes by lots of different names ("cardio" is short for cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory, but it's also called aerobic, endurance, or continuous exercise). Usually we think of running, walking, biking, swimming or using a machine like a stepper, ellipitical or treadmill. This type of exercise presents unique demands to your entire system and its ability to deliver oxygen to your muscles. That's important to fueling your exercise, burning fat and strengthening the most important muscle in your body: your heart.

But like everything else, it has its place. We'll review strategies for maximizing cardio benefits, how it affects your body's ability to burn fat, how much you need, and how to have a good time with it. We'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various gym machines and ways to train your heart and maximize the energy burn without machines. You'll walk away with specific workout schemes to increase your capacity to burn more energy and creative ideas to keep it fun and productive.

A heart rate monitor is a window to the truth, and it takes a lot of truth to challenge the body! We will review using a heart rate monitor, debunk the myths of zones and maximums, and how to use the critically vital information your heart is telling you. You'll learn to let your own heart define your personal targets, various ways to assess how hard you are working, and estimate the calories you are burning (don't believe the readings on machines.) We'll discuss what scientists have discovered about the relationship between heart rate variability and exercise capacity to heart disease. Learn to watch your heart grow stronger, test your fitness, and understand how your heart rate provides clues to what's going on with the rest of your body.

What We Cover

  • In search of good posture; what it is, why yours is special, and how to put your best posture on auto-pilot.
  • How 90% of the people could cure 90% of their pain
  • Basic stretches for each muscle group that feel good!
  • Why too much or too little flexibility is not a good thing
  • A progressive plan for challenging your body with cardio exercises
  • The real value of a heart rate monitor -- forget about training zones!
  • Test your fitness yourself to see how you're doing
  • Evaluate your heart strength, determine how much cardiovascular exercise you need, and the best way to use it to fight fat
  • Amaze yourself and your friends; simple ways to make boring cardio machines fun and challenging
  • The truth about maximum heart rates, how to use them and how not to
  • Objective data you can use to lower your risk for all-cause mortality; learn to extend your exercise capability above the 90th percentile for any age!
  • Breakout strategies--ways to re-connect with yourself and create more perfect moments in your life

Extras Included...
Written reference materials, handouts and worksheets are included in course fees. Participants receive 90 days of unlimited email consultation. Also includes a $35 discount off the cost of one private training session or consultation.

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